Marnie Mosiman de Lancie

Marnie Mosiman de Lancie

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Marnie Mosiman de Lancie is an actress who portrayed the Cultured Woman in the Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) second season episode Loud As A Whisper. Marnie has been married to Q actor John de Lancie since 1984 and is the mother of Star Trek actors Keegan and Owen de Lancie.

Marnie also voiced the character of Melony in the opening and closing segments of the audiobook for I, Q, which was co-written by her husband and Peter David. John adapted the story for audio and read the majority of the audiobook.

Together with John, Marnie was interviewed on August 27, 1991 and the interview was featured on the TNG Season 2 DVD special feature, Departmental Briefing Year Two: Memorable Missions (Loud As A Whisper).

Prior to her work on Star Trek, Marnie appeared in episodes of Knot’s Landing (1982), Dallas (1983), Hill Street Blues (1985), and Remington Steele (1986). Further work includes guest roles in episodes of ABC Afterschool Specials (1990), The Bold and the Beautiful (1992-1993), Beverly Hills, 90210 (1993), Picket Fences (1994), Frasier (1996), Profiler (1999), and the Ally McBeal episode “Seeing Green” in 1999 in which she portrayed Marcia Gallin, mother of her real life son Keegan de Lancie.