There’s no statue. There’s no memorial.

In our nation’s capital, there’s nothing for the man who named the United States of America. There’s nothing to remember the man who convinced Americans to claim their independence. His pen galvanized “We the People.” His words inspired us during “the times that try men’s souls” and stoked the inner fires that kept the Continental Army warm as it crossed the Delaware River in December 1776. He donated all the profits from his popular writings to the fight for independence, while himself serving in the military and as our first de facto Secretary of State. This is but a piece of Thomas Paine’s immeasurable contributions to America. But to this day, there is no memorial of Thomas Paine in Washington, DC. In all of Washington, DC, there’s only one public portrait of Paine, in the National Portrait Gallery.

The Thomas Paine Memorial Association is going to change that. It’s time for the nation Thomas Paine helped create to honor his legacy.

The Thomas Paine Memorial Association was formed to honor and memorialize Thomas Paine and his legacy. Please help!